Louella Syquia Nova Pabilona Butil

Vampire Addiction

I was 11 years old when it is my first time to watch the Twilight Saga Movie. In that time, the movie was only up to Breaking Dawn Part 1 since it was August 2012. My mom just bought that stuff. Actually I had a bestfriend named Mary Gabrielle Lapiz. She is fond of reading books. When we're still in fifth grade, she kept on bringing books such as Twilight Saga.I was like "Hey, what are those Vampires stuff? Are you crazy? Or such a silly thing?'' She apparently love vampires and wolves. So here's the thing. After I have watched the movie, I found that it was interesting. So, my dad bought me the set of books the day after I had watched the said movie. I started reading the first book 24th day of August. I kept reading until I'm headed to Eclipse.Here comes the Breaking Dawn Part 2. November 16, 2012. My birthday dated, 18th day of November. So me and my friends watched the said movie.Actually, I was screaming all over the theater just because the last part of the movie that there was a fight between the different Covens against Volturi. I'm so dissapointed when it was just only a VISION of Alice (Ashley Greene) letting the Volturi see it. I was so embarassed with the others. Like I was crazy just because of a fictional movie.After those, I still kept on reading books up to Breaking Dawn. 

With all of the characters in Twilight Saga, I love most is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen as we known as Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson. I really love and like him. He is so amazing! And he is definitely GORGEOUS! Well, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are known as lovers in real life. They are so sweet. Because everytime Rob looks at Kristen, it's like they fall in love each other all over and over again. 

After reading and watching those kind of stuff, (VAMPIRES) it's like I was obssesed with it. Like I wanna be a VAMPIRE (seriously). It's like I can't stand it anymore. Because I kept on buying Robert Pattinson's Posters,Vampire Books, Vampire Make-up,Contacts and many more. It is like "VAMPIRE ADDICTION" in me. So here, I just really wanna know if Vampires really do exist in this world.But apparently I can't still figure it out. But if the time will come, if there's a VAMPIRE, I will really let him/her bite me. No matter what happens. And that will never get me regret.
Breaking Dawn